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How to access your webmail and change your password
Access your e-mails through the Webmail Server:  (where you can change your password)

To view your webmail:
  1. Simply enter the following URL in your browser: (yourdomain is your company name)
  2. Insert your username which is your full e-mail address (for ex: and your password that is provided by your service provider
  3. After completing the above steps successfully, you are logged into your e-mail’s control panel.
The webmail offers you the following features:
  • Check your e-mails using any of the e-mail client software “roundcube”, “horde” or “SquirellMail” (N.B.: we recommend “roundcube”)

  • Click on the arrow beside your email

  • Select "Password and Security"

  • Enter your new password
  • Re-enter your new password
  • Click Save

All our client’s e-mail accounts are confidential and private as no one can access the e-mail accounts except the authorized person who has the username and password. Further, password can be changed and reset by your esteemed company at anytime from your webmail.


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