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How to block spam emails from the web server?
1. Go to webmail (for ex:

2. Login with your username/email and password

3. After logging, Click on the arrow next to your e-mail

4. Click on "Email Filters".

5. Click Create a new Filter.

6. Enter a name for the filter in the Filter Name box.

7. Select a message characteristic from the first menu.

8. Select an operator from the next menu.

9. Enter the characters or words that you wish to use as a filter.

This field will accept regular expressions (when you select the matches regex operator), rather than more commonly used wildcard characters (such as * or ?).

10. To add and subtract rules, click the + and - buttons.

11. Select an action from the menu under the Actions heading. To add and subtract actions, click the + and - buttons.

12. Click Creat to initialize the filter.


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