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How to block spam emails on Outlook?
* Strengthen the spam filter on outlook
To block spam in Outlook. Outlook comes installed with a Junk Filter which is set to Low protection. This will catch most obvious spam and direct it to the Junk folder. You can increase the strength of the filter by clicking the Home tab and then clicking Junk. Select “Junk E-mail Options”. Click the Options tab and set the filter to the strength you want.

Each level of filter strength is explained. Please be aware that setting it to High may move legitimate emails to your Junk folder, so be sure to check it periodically.

* Create a rule on outlook
make rule on a specific email. For ex: tell outlook any email from this recipient move it to junk folder, by the following steps:
1. Open the folder that contains the message.
2. Right-click the message you want to base a rule on.
3. Click Create Rule. Create a rule based on a message you are composing
4. Add a recipient or type a subject for the message.
5. Click Create Rule.
6. In the Create Rule dialog box, select the conditions and actions you want to apply.

* Report spam
before you delete your spam, forward your spam to: This is the Spam box for FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Mail sent to this box is investigated. If it is indeed spam, the original sender can be charged $500 per email. The more mail they get from different users but same spammer, the more it's likely to be investigated.

You can report spam to anti-spam organizations such as SpamCop and KnujOn, who will report spammers to ISPs and government agencies.

For more info on how to stop spam u may read this link


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