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How to setup your email account on Outlook for Mac
Setting up your email on Mac
  1. Click on "Tools" then Click on "Accounts"

  2. click on the "Other Email" button

  3. Enter your account information:
    E-mail address : enter your e-mail address
    Password : enter your passowrd

  4. enter your e-mail address again

  5. Change IMAP to POP

  6. Enter these information as follows:
    Incoming Server: (your domain is your company name)
    Outgoing Server:
    Make sure that "Use SSL to connect" button is checked
    Click "Add Account" button

  7. If you do get a security prompt, which specifies that information that you view and send will be encrypted, note that Outlook will not be able to verify the security of the certificate through a third-party because you are the only authority validating it.

    If you wish to proceed with the connection, you have two options:
    A- You can click the Continue button to proceed, with the caveat that you may need to accept the warning each time Outlook connects.


    B- You can permanently store the certificate and treat it as trusted, by clicking Show Certificate

    Then check the box next to Always trust … before clicking Continue. You will need to authenticate with your password to store the exception for your self-signed certificate.



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