PepsiCo Egypt - SQPI System
HR online software that allows employees in Egypt and Jordan to rate their managers through 12 grades-type questions + 2 text
American University in Cairo
Graduation items delivery and returning back online software. All graduates pay an amount with their credit card, receives th
PepsiCo Egypt - MyPDR System
HR department online software called Performance Development Review (PDR) which serves different Pepsico locations (Egyp
Amadeus Sign Code
Travel agencies requests creating, updating, deleting, viewing all signs, or viewing sings history through this software, whi
Geopharma Medical Rep. System
Medical reps. should state their monthly plan for District Managers to approve it. Also, Districts shall put their weekly pla
Egyptian Steel Online Archiving System
Related news, videos and other press releases to Egyptian Steel company or its owner have to be archived in an online softwar
Amadeus Online Exam
After training the travel agencies to work on Amadeus platform, a certificate is important to be taken before using the syste
Influence Daily Media Reports System
The company has many clients that would like to receive daily media reports with positive or negative related news. This soft
Rahn Schulen Kairo
Online payment module for paying school expenses by parents for their children, with backend to view transactions and trials,


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