At Graphicano, our customers and team come first. Therefore, we offer real quality services that deliver real value for your money. Our qualified team has the expertise to perform complex analysis of your project.

Graphicano provides you with the following services at affordable rates:


A. Web Design and Development:
Create an eye-catching user experience website that gives you a unique corporate personality that will impress and attract your guests to navigate further into your website and become a loyal customer. Let your website be an effective tool that enhances your business.

Steps for creating a website:
Proposal and Quote Acceptance
Graphic Design
Website Development / Coding
Testing and Finalization
Website Launch and Project Completion

A-1) Web Maintenance:
Keep your website maintained and present the up-to-date information about your products/services in an interactive, organized and consistent format. We help you update and improve your website by one of 2 ways:
  • Graphicano Content Management System (CMS): this tool allows you to keep your content up to date and improve your website continuously having a full control from your end.
  • Outsourcing your website maintenance via our website maintenance plans that are customized to suit your online business needs.
A-2) Database Synchronization:
If you have a local database on your company or store and you wish to perform a data transfer from your local company's database to your website database as to display your latest services or products online without time and effort consuming. We offer you converter and synchronizer's solutions that join the most of the leading database engines MS Access, MS SQL, MS FoxPro, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.

B. Domain Registration and Web Hosting Solutions:
Our goal is to provide complete solutions. That's why Graphicano does not overlook the important side of hosting your applications on reliable Linux and Windows servers.

As a Graphicano client you receive the finest support available in the hosting and domain name industry. Learn more about our Hosting Packages here.

C. Software Development & Web / Intranet Portals:
Streamline processes for your customers and your personnel reduce and eliminate your administration and labor costs by automating your work procedures. An internet software and web portal is a site that functions as a single point of access to a variety of information and applications. We help you plan and develop the online software that gives you more efficient results and reports and professional communication with your customers or personnel.


D. Online Payment Solutions:
Make your customers happy with fast, secure and reliable on-line payment services that we can tailor for your business needs.

"Accepting credit card payments online can be complex, but as your business becomes more efficient, so must the means of payment that you can offer your clients".

The payment processing network connects sellers, buyers, and banks to enable the secure and reliable execution of online transactions.

Sellers need an internet merchant account with an acquiring bank that allows them to accept customer credit cards electronically. Customers need a bank that issues credit cards and verifies the customer's credit limit and availa ble cash balance for proposed purchases.

Since we have developed several online payment solutions and have gained a considerable experience in the online payment industry. We specialized in developing custom-made, powerful and convenient online payment solutions that are tailored for your business needs and provide you with a user friendly interface to manage your online transactions.

E. Conferences and Events registration and accommodation forms:
We developed more than 15 conference and event registration and accommodation forms which accept credit cards payment and sends confirmation on the spot, with a backend to view all transactions and trials occured, please see our previous conferences list in our portfolio.

F. Internet Marketing:
Internet marketing means the use of the Internet to advertise and sell goods and services. Internet marketing solutions can create an effective internet presence for your online property and generate a substantial increase in qualified traffic, reservations and revenue for your esteemed company. It includes:

F-1) Search engine optimization (SEO) F-2) Search engine marketing (SEM) F-3) Social media marketing (SMM) F-4) E-mail marketing

Ask for our internet marketing plans and packages that can be customized to fit your marketing budget.

Graphicano wants to build value through stronger customer relationships and improved customer loyalty. Therefore, Graphicano wish to give you - from first encounter through post-sales service and support - a world wide web experience distinctive, consistent, and positive enough to cement deeper relationships and enhanced loyalty with you.

For more information on our services and/or rates, please e-mail us at or contact us.

The Cycle of Website Developing

Proposal & Quote Approval
Graphic Design Directions
Website Development Coding
Testing & Finalization
Website Launch and Project Completion


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